Fixing Sound Problem on Ubuntu

Masalah Sound pada Ubuntu
( Fixing Sound Problem on Ubuntu ) 
On some machine, after installing Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty and 7.10 Gutsy) no sounds coming out. By default, Ubuntu install Alsa as audio driver. This should be no problem for many sound card. This means, your audio should work perfectly.
But if your ubuntu box still silent, you may try this.

Check your sound preference: “System => Preferences => Sound”
Sound Preferences

Select your device, then try to “Test”. If still no sound, go to next step.
1. Open “Volume Control” by double click on the volume icon on tray. Then go to “Edit => Preferences”
Volume Preferences

2. On “Preferences” window, check on “Surround” option
Check the Surround option

3. Back to “Volume Control” window, make sure “Surround” volume is not muted. And set the volume for this.

Now your Ubuntu box will speak loudly..


One Response to Fixing Sound Problem on Ubuntu

  1. wah, masih pake ubuntu ya………….
    klo punya internet sendiri memang enak pake ubuntu, bth apa-apa tinggal dowbload

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